Cyber Monday
“Do you have any discounts?” is a question I get asked from time to time. The answer hurts every time I reply, “I do not.” I know when people ask, they’re only looking for a good deal, and I hate to disappoint.
There is not a day in the entire year that bothers me as much as Black Friday. The day before, everybody is enjoying great food with their family and friends, giving thanks for all that they have, and the next day somebody is elbowing granny for a $99 bluetooth operated toaster.
Retailers love to create a buzz by pretending that they are offering some crazy deal, when in reality, they just want to start a feeding frenzy. Why can’t they just give us a good honest deal all year long?
Whenever I go through tripadvisor and look at my competitors, they are usually saying, “Save 25% with promo code SAVE25.” That means that they have a hefty margin, and they don’t mind enticing customers with an attractive offer. But this means they they are swindling lots of others out of 25%. When I say that I don’t give discounts, what I really mean is everything is already discounted. I respect my customers too much to try to deceive anybody out of their hard earned money, just because they didn’t type in a silly promo code.
Today, “Cyber Monday,” is they day that I am supposed to email all of my past customers, and see if I can trick them into buying something they do not need. The popular tactic is to offer some crazy discount that is only good for today, giving them a false sense of urgency to buy.
I can’t do that, but I do want to let you know that I do have GIFT CARDS. If you have a loved one, that you think already has enough junk in their house, but you want to give them something that will bring joy to their life, this may be a perfect gift.
This is absolutely my slowest time of year. A purchase will help me get through 2018, and be ready for next year. It really speaks volumes if someone thinks highly enough of my tours to purchase one for somebody else.
Thankful for getting to chase my dream for another year,
Randy Phillips
I know this isn’t a high quality email, but after about 20 emails this morning, I had to get this off my chest. If you made it this far, thanks for reading.
My siblings in Sweet Home Alabama
How I feel about discounts.